Why Furnished Rentals Provide More Flexibility

May 14, 2020 | Corporate Suites, Investment Property

Flex Property Developments - Why Furnished Rentals Provide More Flexibility

In this day and age, we need to be flexible- Both tenants and landlords!

Over the past couple of years, landlords have increasingly been looking for ways to add value to their rental properties. You have probably noticed that rental close to universities and colleges are typically furnished rentals. They’re are multiple reasons for this, but one big factor is that furnished rentals provide both the landlord and the tenant more flexibility.

Now more than ever are we seeing this flexibility come into play

So why furnished?

  1. Gives landlords the opportunity to provide flexible lease terms. As COVID-19 struck Canada many people returned home and needed flexible leases and furnished accommodations.
  2. Landlords have the option to rent per room or fully furnished units. This provides the flexibility for landlords to rent out to students or whole families.
  3. Wide range of demographics: it’s important to know your client, but its also important for your unit to provide options. Furnishing your unit with double beds instead of single beds provides more options for example
  4. Less wear and tear on your property. The days are done where the sofa won’t fit down the stairs and your hallways are all scuffed up. Providing furnished options allow for less wear and tear on your walls and floors.

We have seen a lot of success with furnished rentals over the past couple of months!

Looking to make the move to furnished accommodations? Let us know!