Tenant Placement Services in Ottawa
for Landlords and Multi-Family Investors

Rent Your Units Faster and Lower Vacancy Rates

Tenant placement is arguably one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to having a successful rental investment property. Poorly executed tenant placement can cost you money and lead to unnecessary frustration. We have the knowledge and experience to help you attract quality applicants, stage and show your unit, thoroughly screen prospective tenants and manage the leasing process from start to finish so that you can rest easy.

Like Having Your Own Rental Agent, But Better.

Don’t want to hire your own rental agent, but don’t have the time to find great tenants? Struggling to properly screen applications and keep up with leasing laws? Drowning in a sea of kijiji messages, ghosted leads and back-to-back showings for your multi building? (Or worse, no showings at all)

Flex offers tenant placement services for landlords and multi-family investors in Ottawa. Whether you’re looking for tenant placement as part of a full-service property management package, or you are self-managing and just need help filling your vacancies, we make it easy to find your next tenant.

There’s a reason we’re Ottawa’s most flexible property management company.

From furnished to unfurnished, and from short-term to long-term to everything in between, we challenge traditional rental structures to find customized solutions for your investment.

Rent it Right.

How do I make sure I choose the right tenants? It’s a question many owners face, especially with their first rental. Applicant screening is one of the most important parts of the tenant placement process. It goes without saying that having a clear tenant placement strategy is crucial to a successful income property.

Our goal is to make sure your rental runs smoothly and issue-free. With extensive knowledge of tenant placement, we know how to properly screen renters to ensure only ideal applicants are approved.

We’d Be Great Together.

Book a call with us to find out more about our property management services and how we can help you.

Tenant Placement from Beginning to End – Even The Leasing Process!

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Flex Property Developments - Property Audit

Property Audit

Flex Property Developments - Rental Listings

Rental Listings

Flex Property Developments - Modern Rental Marketing

Modern Rental Marketing

Flex Property Developments - Applications Process

Applications Process

Flex Property Developments - Tenant Screening & Credit Checks

Tenant Screening & Credit Checks

Flex Property Developments - Leasing Agreement

Leasing Agreement

Flex Property Developments - Prospect Communication

Prospect Communication

Flex Property Developments - Rental Showings

Rental Showings

Flex Property Developments - Rental Positioning

Rental Positioning

Flex Property Developments - Property Staging

Property Staging


You have questions, we have answers.
Do I get the final say on who is chosen to rent the unit?
Absolutely! It’s your property, your choice. We will present you with the best options for the most successful outcome based on our extensive rental experience, but you have the final say.
What areas do you serve?What areas do you serve?
We offer tenant placement all over Ottawa – such as Ottawa South, Ottawa East, Ottawa West, Central Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Stittsville, and more. We also offer tenant placement services in Gatineau and the Ottawa Valley.

What kind of properties do you offer tenant placement for?
We offer tenant placement services in Ottawa for multi-family properties like duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes, or larger multi-family buildings. We also offer tenant placement services for condo owners, homes and more.

How do you ensure the right applicants are chosen?
Our extensive application screenings process is crucial for selecting the right tenants for your rental property. We carry out credit checks, employment verifications, background checks and more to ensure that the chosen applicant will take great care of your property.
Do I have to use your property management services?
Not unless you want to! Our tenant placement services are a stand-alone service. You do not need to use our property management services to benefit from tenant placement!

Do you handle the leasing process?
Yes! Our expert team is well-versed in Ontario’s leasing standards and processes. We handle tenant placement from start to finish, from the initial listings all the way to the final lease signature.