Student Life: Finding the Perfect Rental in Ottawa

Feb 19, 2024 | Uncategorized

Embarking on the journey of higher education in Ottawa comes with the exciting task of finding the ideal student rental. With several neighborhoods catering to students from various institutions, the capital city offers a plethora of options for those seeking a comfortable and convenient place to call home during their academic journey.

Student-Friendly Neighborhoods:

  1. Sandy Hill: Nestled near the University of Ottawa, Sandy Hill is a popular choice for students due to its proximity to campus and vibrant community. The neighborhood boasts a mix of housing options, from historic homes to modern apartments, providing a diverse range of choices for students.
  2. Old Ottawa South: Home to Carleton University, Old Ottawa South offers a blend of academic charm and trendy living. The area is dotted with cafes, shops, and parks, making it an appealing choice for students seeking a lively and dynamic atmosphere.
  3. Centretown: Centrally located and close to both major universities, Centretown is a bustling urban neighborhood with a variety of rental options. Its accessibility to public transit, entertainment venues, and amenities makes it a convenient choice for students.
  4. The Glebe: Known for its eclectic vibe, the Glebe appeals to students looking for a mix of historic charm and modern amenities. With proximity to Carleton University and a range of housing styles, including apartments and townhouses, it offers a unique living experience.

Finding Student Rentals:

  1. Online Platforms: Utilize online platforms such as Kijiji, PadMapper, and local real estate websites to browse available student rentals. These platforms often provide detailed descriptions, photos, and contact information for landlords.
  2. University Housing Services: Check with your university’s housing services for information on off-campus housing options. Many institutions have dedicated resources to assist students in finding suitable rentals.
  3. Community Bulletin Boards: Explore community bulletin boards on campus or in local establishments for rental listings. Landlords often advertise vacancies in popular student hangouts.
  4. Attend Housing Fairs: Many universities host housing fairs or events where students can connect with landlords and explore available rental options. Attend these events to gather information and make informed decisions.


Finding the perfect student rental in Ottawa involves a combination of exploring student-friendly neighborhoods, leveraging online resources, and engaging with university services. By taking the time to research and consider various options, students can secure a rental that not only meets their academic needs but also enhances their overall university experience in the lively and welcoming city of Ottawa.