National Remembrance Day

Nov 11, 2023 | Uncategorized

It is with our deepest appreciation and gratitude we commemorate and honour  those who have served and continue to serve our country as we listen to written and evolving stories of bravery, belonging, and contributions. Indigenous veterans from First Nations communities across Canada were celebrated and honoured for their unique contributions and bravery on Indigenous Veterans Day, November 8th. Communities continue to join together across the country to share the many stories of veterans and currently serving military. The national capital city will be hosting a Remembrance Day ceremony on November 11th with fly bys during the day. Veterans are invited to form up at 10:10 at the Chateau Laurier located at 1 Rideau Drive. Veterans will step off at 10:30 am. Respectfully we will be quietly standing on the streets of our national capital and holding our veterans close to our hearts.

Throughout the weekend the capital will be honouring the legacy of our veterans by providing opportunities for us to continually learn and reflect. The Canadian War Museum is free on Saturday with a timed, advance ticket, while the National Gallery of Canada is free once it opens at noon Saturday. The Diefenbunker is free Saturday for veterans and active military personnel, plus their families according to cbc.Ottawa is a vibrant and diverse city where residents and visitors contribute to the pages of unwritten and written stories. Veterans and currently serving military personnel have stories and experiences to share on November 8th and  11th and everyday of the year. Their contributions to their communities, Canada and on the global stage are part of our written stories. On November 8th and 11th listen for the soon to be written stories of bravery, courage, and hope in a city we call our national capital. Here in this place known for its beauty, languages, and culture, the people of Ottawa welcome veterans, newcomers, travellers, and residents. Welcome the return of our military personnel and families as we honour those who have fallen and those who are with us to share their stories.