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Okay… moving sucks.. like a lot! But don’t stress! We have created the ultimate moving guide to help you have a stress free move!

Heres the details:
1. Get rid of everything you don’t want to move, consider donating your unwanted items
2. Contact your new property management company to see if you can move in early (sometimes you can and this saves hundreds on moving costs)
3. Call hydro and gas to ensure your new place is assigned to your name
4. Make a list of businesses that will need your new mailing addresses and let them know your mail should be directed there
5. Get moving supplies (tape, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap)
6. Call you’re besties…see if they can help with the move
7. Arrange a moving truck
8. Label all boxes (what room and address they should be going to)
9. Pack and overnight bag with all the essentials (tooth brush, spare set of clothes etc)
10. Let the movers take it from here!

Need help finding your new home? Let us know!

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