6 Ways to Get More Leads Out of Your Rental Listings

Oct 26, 2022 | Rental Tips

Your Rental Listings

As an investor, optimizing your rental listings is a critical part of your business. It’ll attract great tenants that pay on time, pay consistently and take care of your unit.

Another big reason to optimize your listings is to streamline your showings. This is a great way to reduce missed showings and save you time.

Lastly, optimized listings fill occupancies faster so you’re not losing money on empty rentals for months on end.

That being said, how exactly do you optimize your rental listings? Keep reading for our best tips.

1. Know Your Ideal Tenant

You probably hear this a lot but it’s because knowing your ideal tenant will help you make the right decisions to attract them. This is why it’s number one on this list. If you know who you want to attract, the rest of these tips will be easy.

Knowing who you’re presenting your listings to will also make them easier to write. All you have to do is pretend they are directly in front of you and tell them why your property is a great choice.

2. Use The Right Keywords

Your tenants will most likely be Googling you so it’s important to use the exact same keywords they will be using. For example, someone could be searching with the words “1bd” while others could be using the words “1 bedroom”. It’s a good idea to include both.

Don’t forget about your location as well. If they are looking for rental leasing in Ontario, include that and your town or city. It can be as simple as putting “rent in Ottawa” somewhere in your listing so it comes up in their search.

This is also how knowing your ideal tenant can help you narrow down what keywords they’ll be using.

3. Be Transparent

Honesty goes a long way. If you want tenants who will do right by you, you must do right by them as well. Being upfront about what’s included (like hydro, Wi-Fi, etc.) and what’s not will answer questions without having to waste your time and help them make the right decision.

This is also the best time to give them clear contact info as well as how they should reach out to you or your property management team for the quickest response.

4. Be Thorough But Brief

A vague listing with barely any info will get you confused leads and not as many as it could. However, nobody wants to read a huge wall of text either.

Break up your points and tell them everything they need to know in the fewest words possible. This way they can qualify themselves without wasting your time. Share details about the neighbourhood like local amenities and roads. Share added benefits like a garage space, personal washer and dryer, patio or extra storage. What makes your property unique from others?

5. Use A Professional Photographer

High-end photos make a difference in the way tenants see your unit. A poor-quality photo with bad lighting makes it easy for tenants to assume your rental isn’t as worth it. A professional photographer is trained to use lighting for maximum impact and wide-angle lenses to capture everything in a room.

This is best done after the unit has been thoroughly cleaned and prepped for new tenants, like having a fresh coat of paint on the walls. This helps you present properties in a way that impresses and attracts good leads.

Don’t leave anything out. Be sure to showcase as many rooms as possible in your photos.

6. Stage Your Unit

Staging your rental unit is a great way to trigger an emotional response that helps people picture themselves living in the space. For example, they can see how certain furniture like sofas and tables fit in a room.

Keep it neutral without any personalized decorations (like family pictures), give each room a touch of personality and enhance curb appeal.

If you’re struggling to find new tenants, reach out for help. Our Ottawa property managers offer top-tier tenant placement services that know how to fill vacant units from years of experience. Contact us to learn more.